Posted by Lee Cooper on Jul 23, 2018
The week of July 23-27, 2018, Chester Rotary helped support the Tri-Cities WorkCamp program by providing lunches to the students, mentors, volunteers and homeowners each day. This year, we sponsored two different crews working on two different homes. These students work all day in the sun and without air condition to help rehabilitate homes in the Tri-Cities area. They do this  trough their church program and spend a week of their summer vacation to serve people in our own backyard.

Tri-Cities Workcamps, Inc. is a non-profit interdenominational organization established in 1987 by Rev. John & Connie Romaine.  It serves to provide a Christian retreat & learning experience for high school teens and their leaders. Students spend a week this summer rebuilding homes & lives!  Construct porches & wheelchair ramps while you reconstruct hope in families.  Brighten up homes with new walls & paint while you brighten up lives.


At the end of the week, you & your youth group will have gained work skills plus a greater understanding of people & God's love. Most crews are made up of 6-7 people, depending on the size of the task.  They mix crews so that each person from a student's church youth group is on a different work crew.  They travel to work each day to the same home with the same crew.  Each crew member has a job description that is decided upon within the crew on the first day of camp.  The roles are:  Quartermaster, Devotional Leader, Reporter, Breakmaster, and Work Director.


A local school serves as the Workcamp base for lodging, evening programs, & food services. Groups sleep in classrooms or in rooms built in the gym.  Most students bring air mattresses or cots and sleeping bags.  Breakfast, Dinner, & late-night snacks are served in the school cafeteria.  Local businesses, churches, & civic groups, like Chester Rotary, adopt crews for lunch deliveries to the crews each of the 5 work days during camp.